Roxy is made exclusively in 18K recycled gold
and carefully handcrafted in the Copenhagen atelier.
The gold is processed, shaped, dripped and hammered –
each layered, disassembled and built up again
until each piece reaches the perfect imperfection
synonymous with ELHANATI aesthetic.

The collection is made up around delicate
necklaces and bracelets with refined details.
A series of rings, each one different from the next,
draw the attention and can be worn individually,
can be stacked and endlessly combined.
The rings have between one and three bands with
the choice of adding one to several white
Top Wesselton VVS diamonds.


Our custom made pieces
are created for the perfect piece
for any occassion


Each piece is carefully crafted
in 18K Yellow solid gold and 24K gold-coated silver

The jewellery is handmade in ELHANATI’s atelier
ensuring no detail is left to chance
Pieces, which are cherished for their history,
their ability to conjure adventures
from the past to the present,
passed down from one generation to the next.