ELHANATI’s jewellery is handcrafted in Copenhagen, Denmark. Each piece is handcrafted by Orit Elhanati and has a unique identity mark, ensuring no pieces are ever the same. Each piece passes Orit’s hands and emphasis is put on handcrafting timeless pieces, with a unique story and energy, that empowers the bearer. 

ELHANATI’S jewellery is organic in form inspired by Middle Eastern culture, nature and Nordic lightness, created from feelings and pure intuition, resulting in raw, sculptural and mesmerising creations that come packed with history. Strong childhood memories of summers spent in Tel Aviv, with her grandmother and her friends drinking tea on the porch dripping in gold jewellery, has manifested itself as the foundation for ELHANATI’s creations. 

ELHANATI’s jewellery is made to be passed on through generations and is crafted with an intention to beautify the bearer and become a part of their own story. Each piece has its own journey, and every stone is sourced carefully from around the world, using only sustainable precious stones and recycled gold. Orit Elhanati launched her first fine jewellery line in 2012, and her aesthetic universe and unique craftsmanship recurrently creates enchanting jewellery appreciated by international retailers and press worldwide, winning the ELLE AWARDS as best Danish Jewellery Designer in 2015.