Ring Size Chart

Ring mmEuropeUSA & UKJapan
14.33453 1⁄45
14.65463 3⁄46
15.29484 1⁄28
15.61494 3⁄49
15.92505 1⁄410
16.24515 3⁄411
16.88536 1⁄413
17.20546 3⁄414
17.52557 1⁄415
17.83567 1⁄216
18.47588 1⁄418

All dimensions are given in cm/mm


The nude medium ring created in 18kt gold and is an eye-catcher. Inspired by Henri Matisse’s latest work, the ring is a tribute to woman’s shape and form with its sleek lines and round curves. Goes beautifully with other rings from the collection, or on its own.

  • Size 46-56
  • 18k solid yellow gold
  • Handmade in Copenhagen

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Size Guide

Mark me Sky’ is created with an exotic twist, embracing the silhouettes of woman’s dynamic shapes and forms. ‘Mark me Sky’ is a contribution to games Orit Elhanati used to play as a child; a contribution to the childish souls, that are still seduced by the play of poetry.

Orit’s acute vision of small moments in life brings us on a mind-blowing journey through her enigmatic univers.Inspired by the latest works of Henri Matisse’s ‘Blue Nude’, Orit’s collection ‘Mark me Sky’ is created with an exotic twist, embracing the silhou- ettes of woman’s dynamic shapes and forms.

‘Mark me Sky’ is a self-seeking playful dance – a collection that underlines Orit Elhanati’s magical abilities to create personal and touching stories, that are manifested through strong memories for the wearer.


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46, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56