Ring Size Chart

Ring mmEuropeUSA & UKJapan
14.33453 1⁄45
14.65463 3⁄46
15.29484 1⁄28
15.61494 3⁄49
15.92505 1⁄410
16.24515 3⁄411
16.88536 1⁄413
17.20546 3⁄414
17.52557 1⁄415
17.83567 1⁄216
18.47588 1⁄418

All dimensions are given in cm/mm


The Opal Eye ring is made in 18k yellow gold, with spinels and white water opal and is beautiful on its own or combined with other rings

  • 18K Solid Gold
  • 10 x spinels & 1 white water opal
  • Size 50-57
  • Handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Orit’s acute vision of small moments in life brings us on a mind-blowing journey through her enigmatic universe. Inspired by the latest works of Henri Matisse; ‘Blue Nude’, Orit Elhanati’s SKY collections are created with an exotic twist, embracing the silhouettes of woman’s dynamic shapes and forms.

A self-seeking playful dance – both collections underline Orit Elhanati’s magical abilities to create personal and touching stories that are manifested through strong memories for the wearer. Kites that Orit played with as a child and woman’s curves are recurrent forms in these collections that are a true tribute to women.

Mark Me Sky is created in 18K Gold using Top Wesselton diamonds of the highest quality. Mark Me Pink is a continuation of Mark Me Sky and is powdered with exclusive pink spinels personally sourced from Burma, with the most amazing contrasts that vary from light pink to strong bright pink colours that add to the core of the SKY collections dreamy feminine universe. The jewellery is created with forms, shapes and twists and is a dance between lovers.
The spinels are brought raw and untreated to Copenhagen, Denmark and are specially selected and polished. Each spinel has undergone its own personal journey and ultimately becomes a unique piece.

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50, 51, 52, 53, 55, 56, 57